The University of Cincinnati Mounts an Online Program to Combat Racial and Sexual Harassment

Faculty and staff will be required to participate in the online training program and pass a test to show that they have mastered the content.

Rice University Study Finds That Racial Discrimination Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Sociologists at Rice University in Houston found that 18 percent of African Americans reported emotional or health problems resulting from perceived racial discrimination.

Series of Hate Crimes Strikes the Campus of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

The advent of Black History Month unfortunately often coincides with a rise in racial incidents on campus.

Has America Entered a Post-Racial Era?

Not yet, warns Pearl K. Ford Dowe, a political scientist at the University of Arkansas.

Video Shows the Ignorance of College Students on the Subject of Black History

A white comedian donned blackface and interviewed students at Brigham Young University on the subject of Black history.

Racial Incident at Purdue University

Someone defaced a photograph of a late African American Purdue faculty member with a racial slur.

None of the Princeton Review’s “300 Best Professors” Teaches at an HBCU

One wonders why there is not one professor from Spelman, Howard, Morehouse, Fisk, or Hampton or some other HBCU on the list.

LSU Students Investigate “Cold Case” Murders From the Civil Rights Era

As a result of their research, the students filed Freedom of Information Act requests seeking more than 30,000 pages of FBI investigation files.

Duke University Opens Exhibit on the History of the Portrayal of Africans Americans in...

The exhibit, entitled "From Blackface to Blaxploitation: Representations of African Americans in Film," will be shown through the end of July.

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia Opens at Ferris State University

The new $1.3 million, 3,300-square-foot museum's collection includes more than 9,000 artifacts.

UCLA Surgery Professor Files a Race Discrimination Lawsuit

According to his lawsuit, Dr. Christian Head was depicted as a gorilla being sodomized by his White superior in a slide shown at a presentation to the medical center staff.

Study Finds Women and Minority Doctoral Candidates May Face Faculty Discrimination

Prospective doctoral students with Caucasian sounding male names were 26 percent more likely to be granted an interview than candidates with names that indicated they were minorities or women.

Racial Bias Found in the Assignment of the Writing of Majority Opinions in State...

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

EEOC Says HBCU Discriminated Against White Employee

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded that "race was a factor in the terms and conditions of employment and WSSU's decision to terminate her employment."

The Post Post-Racial Era?

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 prompted some commentators to say that the nation had entered a post-racial era, but new data from researchers at three universities shows that anti-Black sentiments are on the rise.

Oberlin College Suspends Classes After Racial Incidents

In February, Black History Month posters in the college's Science Center were defaced with the word "Nigger." In a residence hall, the words "Whites Only" were written above a water fountain and "No Niggers" was written on a bathroom door.

New Report From the EEOC Finds Blacks Face Many Obstacles in Gaining Federal Employment

According to the new report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions, educational inequalities and insufficient training are among the obstacles mentioned as being significant barriers to fuller participation in the federal work force by African Americans.

Racial Stereotypes on Black Tipping Behavior May Lead to Poor Restaurant Service

When waiters at restaurants have the preconceived notion that Black patrons are poor tippers, they are unlikely to give a high level of service to these customers, according to a new study by a sociologist at Wayne State University in Detroit.

New Study Documents Huge Racial Disparity in School Suspensions

The study by researchers at the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles found that up to 40 percent of all Black students in schools in Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, and St. Louis were suspended at least once during the school year.

Columbia University Seeking to Remove “Caucasian Only” Clause From a Fellowship

In 1920 a woman donated $500,000 to Columbia University for an endowed fellowship that was restricted to students from Iowa of "the Caucasian race." The university is asking a Manhattan court to remove the restriction.

Humboldt State University Study Analyses Hate Speech on Twitter

Students compared the number of hateful tweets to the population of a given county to show the level of hate in particular areas. Much of the eastern half of the country showed a a high level of racial hate.

University Study Finds No Evidence of Racial Discrimination by Major League Baseball Umpires

The new study examined ball and strike calls for millions of pitches between 1997 and 2008. Using several statistical methods, the authors found no evidence that more strikes were called for pitchers who were the same race as the umpire.

University of California Agrees to Settle a Race Discrimination Lawsuit

Christian Head, an African American professor of surgery claimed that he was intentionally degraded based on his race and that UCLA officials ignored blatant acts of racial discrimination directed against him.

University Study Links Exposure to Racism to Higher Probability of Adult-Onset Asthma

The Boston University study examined the cases of more than 38,000 African American women who participated in the Black Women's Health Study between 1997 and 2011. The women completed questionnaires on their health and experiences of racism every two years.

University of Michigan Study Finds That Intelligence Is No Cure for Racism

A study conducted at the University of Michigan has found that intelligent people tend to be just as racist as their less intelligent counterparts. Smart people are just more adept at hiding their racism, the study found.

White Candidate Pretends to Be Black to Win Seat on Community College Board

"Because it was an African-American district, I didn’t feel like putting my picture on any of those brochures would get me any votes. You can’t sell maternity clothes to a bunch of men."

Post-Racial Society? Think Again

American Renaissance, a White supremacist website, recently posted two articles from JBHE on Black student college graduation rates. What spewed forth was a vast amount of ignorance and racial hate.

Study Finds Racial Bias in Online Purchasing

The study found that ads that showed a Black man holding the iPod received 13 percent fewer responses and 18 percent fewer offers than ads that showed an iPod in a White man's hand.

Campus Lockdown Prompts Racist Reactions on Social Media

When a woman at Southwestern University falsely claimed she was raped by a Black man, there was a flood of unsavory reactions on social media.

University of Wyoming Project Seeks to Map Racial Prejudice in the United States

A group of graduate students in psychology at the University of Wyoming hopes to construct a map which shows where prejudice is most prevalent. They are trying to raise money online to finance their research.

University Study Examines How Racial Bias Seeps Into Jury Deliberations

A study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine and the University of California, Santa Cruz finds that White men tend to be the most influential figures in jury deliberations.

Report Finds That Women of Color in Science Face Both Gender and Racial Bias

Of the 60 women of color in STEM fields in the survey, all 60 women stated that they had been subjected to some sort of gender bias. In having to prove their competence to others, most of the Black women stated that race was more of a barrier than gender.

Is Racism the Main Factor in Opposition to Paying College Athletes?

Researchers found that most African Americans favor paying college athletes while most White Americans oppose it. Whites with more negative opinions of Blacks were less likely to approve of paying college athletes.

Racism Is the Norm in Media Accounts of Celebrity Domestic Violence

A new study by Joanna Pepin, a doctoral student in sociology at the University of Maryland, finds that when a Black man was accused of domestic violence, media reports were more likely to include criminal information than when a White man was accused of domestic violence.

Two Academic Studies Show That Polluters Target Minority Communities

The studies found that companies tended to follow the path of least resistance when locating plants that produced hazardous wastes. And this is particularly true to the super polluters who produce the most toxins.

Justice Department Agents to Undergo Training in Implicit Bias

The Fair & Impartial Law Enforcement training program, developed by Lorie Fridell, an associate professor of criminology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, will be administered to more than 23,000 federal agents.

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