Cornell University Outlines a New Agenda on Diversity

President David Skorton is mounting a concerted effort to increase diversity among students, staff, and faculty and to create better opportunities for veterans and the disabled.

A Wide Range of Black Enrollments at CalState University Campuses

There are more than 21,000 African American students enrolled at the 23 campuses of California State University. They make up 5 percent of the total enrollments.

Where Do College Students Stand on the Issue of Affirmative Action?

With the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a case on the race-sensitive admissions program at the University of Texas, it appears that there is a wide variety of opinions on the subject among college students.

Davidson College Issues Statement Reaffirming Its Commitment to Diversity

Davidson College, the highly rated liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina, has issued a statement reaffirming the college's commitment to promoting diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff.

African Americans Making Significant Progress in Graduate Nursing Programs

While the percentage of Blacks in entry-level nursing programs has declined in recent years, Black enrollments in graduate-level nursing programs has surged.

Large Numbers of Black Applicants Accepted at Top-Rated Schools

More than 10 percent of accepted students at Harvard University and nearly 14 percent at Williams College, are African Americans.

In 2010 There Were Nearly 3 Million Black Students Enrolled in Higher Education

Blacks were 13.4 percent of all students enrolled in institutions eligible to participate in federal student financial aid programs.

Black and Minority Students Are Being Squeezed Out of Community Colleges

A new report states, "Hundreds of thousands of prospective students are knocking on the doors of community colleges and are being denied access because the colleges have insufficient capacity to serve them."

Mississippi’s HBCUs Handed a New Recruiting Tool

The state legislature recently passed a bill that would allow public universities in the state to seek a waiver allowing them to offer in-state tuition rates to some students from other states.

Tufts University Makes a Concerted Effort to Recruit Students From Africa

Tufts accepted 21 students from 13 different African countries for admission into its Class of 2016. Six accepted students are from Ghana.

An Educational Success Story of African American Male Students in Chicago

For the third year in a row, all graduating seniors at Urban Prep Academies in Chicago have been accepted into four-year colleges.

Racial Equality in Initial College Enrollment Rates

About two thirds of all Black and White high school graduates in 2011 had enrolled in college by October 2011. For those not enrolled in college, Blacks had a very high unemployment rate of more than 53 percent.

Black Admits Increase Slightly at the University of California

But the number of Black students admitted to Berkeley and UCLA has declined from a year ago.

African Americans Make Up Less Than Two Percent of All Applicants to Princeton’s Graduate...

Of the more than 12,000 applicants to Princeton's graduate programs, only 236 were African Americans.

The Changing Demographics of the Student Body of the City University of New York

Since 2001, the percentage of Black students in the entering classes at the five most prestigious campuses of the City University of New York has decreased from 17 percent to 10 percent.

Indiana Eliminates Higher Education Grants for Prison Inmates

Ball State University has been offering educational programs to more than 1,000 prison inmates but state budget cuts are gutting the program.

Black Enrollments Decline at the University of South Florida

In the fall of 2011, Blacks made up 10.5 percent of the entering class, down from 16 percent a decade ago. Blacks were nearly 14 percent of the total enrollments five years ago. The latest figure was 10.8 percent.

Students Protest Low Number of Black Enrollments at UCLA

This spring, 9,263 students from California were admitted to UCLA. Of this group, 3.8 percent are African Americans.

Cornell University Debuts A New Diversity Website

The new website includes a discussion on the history of diversity efforts, provides demographic statistics on students and faculty, and listings of where to go for help or additional information.

More Than 4.2 Million Blacks Enrolled in U.S. Higher Education Programs

During the 2010-11 academic year, there were 29.5 million students enrolled at Title IV institutions. Of these, 4,217,140, or 14.3 percent, were Black.

Black Immigrant Students in American Higher Education

Of all Black undergraduate students enrolled in American higher education, 10 percent were immigrants to this country.

Study Shows the Importance of Race in Law School Admissions

The authors of the study concluded that "exposure to a diversity of viewpoints prepares the students to be better lawyers, making them more 'culturally competent.'"

Applications of Africans to U.S. Colleges and Universities Were Down 3 Percent in 2012

The Council of Graduate Students reports that overall applications from foreign students increased 9 percent compared to a year ago but applications from Africa were down 3 percent.

The Impact of Affirmative Action Bans on the Graduate School Enrollments of Minorities

A study published by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, finds that in states that have banned the consideration of race in graduate school admissions, enrollments of minority students are down 12 percent overall.

A Check-Up on Black First-Year Medical Students

Brown University, Florida State University, and Florida Atlantic University reveal the racial make-up of their entering medical school classes.

Record African American Enrollments at the University of Kentucky

In a state where Blacks are 8 percent of the population, African Americans make up 11 percent of this year's entering class.

University of Arkansas’ Stellar Record in Boosting Black Engineering Enrollments

Over the past five years, the number of African American first-year students in the College of Engineering has increased from 16 to 64, a 300 percent rise.

More Than 180,000 Black Students Enrolled in Graduate Programs

The Council of Graduate Schools reports that in the 2010-11 academic year, there were 38,498 first-time and a total of 181,905 African American/Black students in U.S. graduate schools.

Bellevue College’s Strong Effort to Recruit Black Students

All African American middle and high school students are eligible to attend. Free child care is offered to guests with young children and all attendees will receive a free dinner.

Nearly 3 Million Black Students Are Enrolled in Higher Education

In 2011 Blacks were 13.8 percent of all students in higher education but they were 24.2 percent of all students in for-profit schools and institutions.

Morehouse College Institutes Belt Tightening Measures Due to Drop in Enrollments

Employees will have to take up to five unpaid furlough days through the remainder of the year. Other budget cuts will be made and fewer part-time faculty members will be hired for the spring semester.

African Americans Are Slowly Closing the Gap in Medical School Enrollments

But a racial gap remains. African Americans make up 13 percent of the U.S. population but are only 7.3 percent of all first-time enrollees at U.S. medical schools.

Tracking Black Enrollments at the University of Michigan

This fall, there are 323 African Americans in the entering class. This is down from 347 African-American first-year students last fall. This year, African Americans are 5.5 percent of the entering class.

Large Increase in Black Enrollments at West Virginia University

There are 1,180 African American students on campus, an increase of 101 students, or 9.4 percent from a year ago. African Americans make up about 4 percent of the study body. Blacks are 3.5 percent of the West Virginia population.

Report Finds a Decline in Students From Sub-Saharan Africa at U.S. Colleges and Universities

The number of foreign students studying at U.S. colleges and universities is on the rise but the number of students studying here from African nations is on the decline.

African American College Students Are Increasingly Studying Abroad

In the 2005-06 academic year, 3.5 percent of all American college students who studied abroad were Black. Since that time the percentage of Blacks in the study abroad pool has increased each year.

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