Black First-Year Students at the Nation’s Leading Liberal Arts Colleges

Wesleyan University leads our rankings with 85 Black freshmen at the college this year (11.3 percent of the entering class).

Black First-Year Students at the Nation’s Leading Research Universities

For the sixth year in a row, Columbia University in New York City has the highest percentage of Black first-year students among the 30 highest-ranking universities in the nation.

Black Students Fare Well in Williams College’s Early Decision Admissions

African Americans make up 11.3 percent of all students accepted under Williams' early decision plan.

Princeton University Seeks to Expand Access for Low-Income Students

Princeton University has been a leader in making financial aid programs more favorable for low-income students. Now it will look at other ways to increase access to the university for low-income students.

Black Enrollments in Higher Education Expected to Continue to Grow

New data from the U.S. Department of Education estimates that the enrollments of African Americans in higher education will increase by 25 percent by the year 2021. For whites, only a 4 percent increase is expected.

Number of Black Applicants to the University of California Is On the Rise

There were 5,951 Black applicants to undergraduate programs at the University of California this year. The number of Blacks applying to the University of California is up nearly 23 percent since 2011.

The Number of Black Applicants Rises Again in the California State University System

Officials at the university believe that their "Super Sunday" campaign, where university officials go out to Black churches in the state to recruit potential African American students, is paying big dividends.

A Check-Up on Black Enrollments and Graduates of U.S. Medical Schools

While the number of African American enrollments in U.S. medical schools increased by nearly 8 percent over the past decade, the Black percentage of all medical school enrollments has decreased.

University of California Davis Seeks to Increase Diversity in Wine and Food Sciences

The University of California at Davis is holding an international wine tasting event to raise money for scholarships for minority students at its Ronald Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

A Report Card on Racial Diversity at Louisiana State University

In the fall of 2012, Blacks were 10.6 percent of the student body and 3.4 percent of the faculty at the flagship state university. Much work needs to be done. African Americans make up close to a third of the Louisiana population.

The Top Feeder Schools for Black Medical Students

Howard University produced the most Black applicants to U.S. medical schools in 2011 but by a large margin Xavier University in New Orleans produced the most graduates who earned medical degrees.

The Gender Gap in African American Medical School Enrollments

Nationwide, women make up 47.2 percent of all medical school students in the United States. But for African Americans, the gender gap is significantly in favor of women.

Southern University Seeks to Boost Enrollments

Historically Black Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has seen its enrollment drop from 9,500 students to about 6,600 students over the past several years since new, tougher admissions standards were introduced seven years ago.

Blacks Make Up 11.5 Percent of Admitted Students at Harvard University

Harvard chooses not to disclose how many Black students submitted applications for admission. But it does release data on admitted students. This year, 11.5 percent of all admitted students are African Americans.

Nearly 16 Percent of All Students Accepted for Admission at Williams College Are Black

Of the 1,157 students accepted for admission at highly rated Williams College in Massachusetts, 183 are African Americans. Therefore, African Americans make up 15.8 percent of all accepted students.

Black Students Making Progress at CUNY Colleges

Over the past 10 years the number of Black students transferring into the 11 senior colleges of the CUNY system has risen dramatically. Retention rates for Black first-year students have increased and the Black student graduation rate is up 14.4 percentage points.

Regent University Launches New Program to Further Increase Student Diversity

Under the new "Take 2 Through College" initiative, Regent University in Virginia Beach will partner with churches and community groups to mentor and sponsor Black and Latino students. Currently, African Americans make up about one quarter of the undergraduate student body.

Faculty Senate at the University of Michigan Calls for Greater Student Diversity

In a resolution passed by a vote of 28-9, the faculty senate at the University of Michigan called on the administration to focus on increasing the diversity of the student body. Today, Blacks make up 5 percent of the student body, compared to 8.8 percent in 2001.

African Americans Make Up a Tiny Percentage of Applicants to Princeton’s Graduate Programs

There were 1,264 American applicants from minority groups, but more than half of these were Asian Americans. There were 214 African American applicants to Princeton's graduate programs. They made up 1.9 percent of all applicants and 4.1 percent of all applicants from the United States.

Entering Class at Colgate University To Be the Most Diverse in School History

The college states that 28.7 percent of incoming students identify themselves as multicultural and 28.1 percent say they are non-White. Eight percent of the incoming class self-identifies as Black, an all-time record for Colgate.

Blacks Reach Racial Parity in College Enrollments, But Lag in Degree Attainments

During the 2011-12 academic year, Blacks made up 14.5 percent of all enrollments in degree-granting institutions but earned only 10.1 percent of all degrees earned at these institutions. Blacks were 19.2 percent of all students who earned degrees at private, for-profit degree granting institutions.

Texas Consortium Looks to Boost Educational Opportunities for Minority Men

The University of Texas at Austin has launched the Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color, a new statewide network of public school districts, community colleges, and four-year public universities.

University of Missouri Reports the Most Diverse Student Body in Its History

There are 2,415 African American students on the Columbia campus this semester. They make up 7.1 percent of all students. It must be noted that much more needs to be done. Blacks make up about 12 percent of the college-age population in Missouri.

Blacks Are More Likely to Be Enrolled in School Than Whites

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that in October 2012 there were 11,918,000 African Americans enrolled in school at all levels of education. This was 31.4 percent of the entire Black population over the age of 3.

Proposal Would Allow North Carolina HBCUs to Admit More Out-of-State Students

The five state-operated HBCUs in North Carolina are permitted to enroll no more than 18 percent of new first-year students from outside the state. The new proposal would allow these schools to enroll up to 30 percent of their new students from outside North Carolina.

Record Enrollments in Mississippi

Both the University of Mississippi and historically Black Jackson State University have record numbers of students on campus this fall. Blacks make up more than 15 percent of the students at Ole Miss.

The Racial Gap in College Participation Rates

For students who graduated from high school in 2012, nearly 67 percent of Whites were enrolled in college by October 2012. For Black high school graduates in 2012, only 57.1 percent were enrolled in college the next fall.

Record Black Enrollments at Georgia State University

There are more Hispanics, Asian Americans, and African Americans in the entering class than ever before. Black enrollments in the entering class are up 4 percent from last year's record class.

Princeton Looks to Enhance Campus Diversity

Princeton has approved a new plan to increase diversity throughout the campus community. The new plan will focus on diversity initiatives relating to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and senior administrators.

Federal Government Issues New Guidance on Race-Sensitive Admissions

The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education issued a new guidance letter that stated colleges and universities may continue to use race as one factor in their admissions processes.

Checking Up on Black Enrollments at Louisiana State University

Blacks are 32.4 percent of the Louisiana population so the Black undergraduate student population of 11.1 percent at Louisiana State University is about one third the percentage of Blacks in the state's population.

Record Black First-Year Enrollments at the University of Kentucky

There are 555 African American first-year students on campus this fall. Blacks make up 11.8 percent of the entering class. This percentage is particularly impressive given the fact that Blacks are just 8 percent of the state's population.

Predominantly Black Martin University Lays Off Faculty, Staff

Martin University in Indianapolis experienced an unexpected drop in enrollments this fall. The school had expected 700 students to enroll for classes but only 522 actually did so. This produced a $600,000 budget shortfall.

How the Ban on Race-Sensitive Admissions Impacts Black Enrollments at the University of Michigan

In order for racial parity to prevail in Michigan, the number of Black students in the entering class at the University of Michigan would have to nearly triple.

A Check-Up of Blacks in Medical Schools

New data released by the Association of American Medical Colleges shows that in 2013 Blacks or African Americans were 8 percent of all applicants to U.S. medical schools and 7 percent of all first-time enrollees.

New Program Will Help Teens From Low-Income Families Prepare for College

Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania, has established a four-year program of tutoring, coaching, and mentoring to help hundreds of low-income teens prepare for college. Some will receive full scholarships to Alvernia.

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